SOA Regalia

The SOA has various regalia items available.

SOA Burgees – £10.00 – These can be ordered from the Membership Secretary :

SOA Ties – £10.00 – These can be ordered from the Vice Chairman :

Payment can be made here : SOA Paypal Link

Personalised Polo Shirts & Sweat (NEW !!)

The possibility to order polo shirts or sweat shirts embroidered with the SOA burgee and your boat’s name has been reintroduced. The shirts are embroidered by Pritchards Embroidery, Shoreham-by-Sea, and should be ordered directly from them using the order form available (link below).

The standard cost (including the embroidery but not postage which will be at cost) is currently £12.50 ea. for the polo shirt (Russell Model 539M, 65/35 polyester/ cotton ) and £14.00 ea. for the sweat shirts (Russell Model 762M, 50/50 polyester/cotton ).

Each model is available in a range of colours and sizes (see order form below). Payment should be made directly to Pritchards either by bank transfer or cheque. Queries on the ordering procedure can be addressed to the Treasurer, those relating to sizes or colours should be addressed to Pritchards.

SOA shirt order form.

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